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A hair fiber smoothing system with a more natural and longer-lasting straighening effect than conventional Brazilian keratin treatments.

We at QOD have a very close relationship with the Brazilian keratin treatment market, as our MAX and GOLD lines are sold in more than 40 countries. Our lines include versions that add improvements to the formulas—the latest of which is named QOD MAX SILVER. Two years ago, we began a research project to develop a treatment that would have the DNA of a Brazilian keratin treatment but would work on the deepest part of the hair fiber without altering the fiber’s structure in any way and would instead act on the innermost part and thus more effectively rejuvenate the hair. To this, we added ingredients with a molecular weight of 200 daltons (an atomic mass unit equal to 1/12 of the mass of a carbon atom—that is, extremely small), a polysaccharide matrix with suspended proteins, a deeply-penetrating acidic reaction and vegetative protective agents for hair fibers and artificial pigments. Thus, QOD MAX PRIME was created.

Advantages of our keratin:

  • easy application (rinse before ironing hair which means no smoke effect or steam coming from hair);
  • because it is organic you will not suffer from allergic reactions such as eye watering and redness on eyes;
  • compatible with any chemical treatment;
  • no hair color fading;
  • reduce 90% blow dry time after treatment;
  • QOD is the pioneer in the manufacturing of organic keratins and nowadays we ship our goods to 56 countries around the world which bring us know-how and knowledge on cosmetic trends;
  • QOD is the biggest cosmetic factory exporter in south Brazil.


If your client has used Brazilian keratin treatments in the past, the future is QOD MAX PRIME S-FIBER Treatment.